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From the Principal


From the Principal

Cape Barren Island School is a remote area school located within the Tasmanian Indigenous Community of Cape Barren Island. Cape Barren Island is one of the Islands that make up the Bass Strait Island system. The local community consists of approximately 70 people.  It is half an hour flying time from Launceston and twelve minute flying time from Whitemark (main town) on Flinders Island. The school was established in 1890 and has a tradition of providing quality, state funded education for students in Years K – 10 from the surrounding community. A Launching into Learning Program, facilitated by the Early Childhood teacher, provides an introduction to school for children aged 0 – 4. The Launching into Learning Program operates on Friday mornings and is attended by youngsters, mothers and carers.

Like all Tasmanian government schools, Cape Barren Island School is committed to the goal that every student has the opportunity to learn and achieve his or her potential. The school is guided by the Learner at the Centre framework and embraces the government's priority areas including Literacy and Numeracy, improving the literacy and numeracy skills of all school-aged children and assisting each student to achieve in a culturally sensitive and appropriate learning environment.

The school is staffed by a school Principal (also senior teacher), an Early Childhood teacher, a part-time AEW (Aboriginal Education Worker/Teacher Aide), an additional part-time Teacher Aide and two part-time Facility Attendants.

Cape Barren Island School has a student population of between 9 and 12. The learning program is diverse, catering for students ranging from Prep to Year 8 in (2013). Regular school newsletters are circulated to parents, carers, community and Learning Services North personnel, providing up to date school information and highlighting upcoming events and photos of students at work.

The school runs a Healthy Lunch Program twice weekly with nutritious meals enthusiastically prepared and cooked by teachers and students. A regular sit down lunch with all students and staff takes place on these days.

Cape Barren Island School, despite its remoteness, is engaged in and offers many educational opportunities and valued learning outcomes for students. With regular term visits by Department of Education personnel and various other community people, it is certainly not a lonely place! Cape Barren Island School also has strong links with Flinders Island School, joining forces for Combined School Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Programs as well as other opportunities that may arise. Occasional excursions are provided for teachers and students to fly off the island to participate in activities which incorporate the wider community. 

The School offers the following teaching programs:

· A robust English/Literacy, Numeracy and Science, program catering for students in Prep to Year 8 guided by the Learning Outcomes outlined in the National Curriculum.
· Drama
· Music
· Health and Wellbeing
· Nutrition and Healthy Eating
· Fitness program (twice weekly)
· Cultural Awareness program (one afternoon a week )
· IT skill development

Current Involvement in State wide competitions - 2013:

· National ACER Mathematics competition
· ‘What Matters Tasmania 2013’ – writing competition for year 5-12 students
· Young Archies Awards – National portrait painting competition

To be introduced during term 2, 2013:

·  Establishment of School Garden Program - Assembly of two large rainwater tanks, provision of raised garden beds to grow produce for use in the ‘School Healthy Eating’ program.